AI self-checkout for catering

Autocanteen is a touchless self-checkout solution which increases checkout efficiency. Disruptive innovation, no barcodes – the system can identify anything from fruits to meal plates with visual discovery.

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies.

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Next generation checkout benefits

Deep-learning algorithms matched with 3D image scanners allow us to capture, detect and recognize objects at lightning-fast speed and laser precision. Checkout experience powered by Autocanteen helps you to:

Eliminate queues

10 seconds per transaction means shorter queues, higher checkout throughput, more revenue and less food waste.

Empower your team

Just like a supermarket self-checkout model, only one assistant needs to oversee multiple checkout points. The rest of the team can focus on a better customer experience instead of a routine checkout.

Stay innovative

Win more deals or keep more clients. Our unique digital capability is a differentiator for your catering offer. Impress your clients and wow theirs.

Robot in action

Limitless cloud foundation


Sales Insights

Through our cloud, we provide our clients with valuable stats and sale insights. Curious how many pizzas were sold last week? Just filter it out on the dashboard or request a custom report. We store your data for a year.

All data in one place

There is a centralized database with all your sales, products, insights, reports, AI tweaks, user management, and many more.

Quality control

If you wanted to review how the meals looked on a certain day, all orders contain pictures of what’s been sold. Keeping an eye for quality control remotely is now possible even in real-time.

AI control

The brain and memory of our AI live in the cloud. You can see and control all the taken samples to the deepest details. Not yet approved samples are queued for your review and acceptance.

Back office integration

We are open to integrate our cloud and its data with 3rd party of your choice. We can offer various data formats.

Multi-lingual support

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch languages are supported. We aim to add more! Each version is a complete localization, like date and currency formats, everything to make you feel like home.

Technology highlights

3D Our AI is based on 3D image recognition. Beside traditional color images the camera of Autocanteen captures the third dimension and feeds it to AI. Captured 3D images stored in customers cloud portal.
Autocanteen Cloud Every item sold, every picture taken, products, menu, samples, everything is stored in the cloud. It is reliable, scalable, and available 24/7/365.
Shared knowledge base All the terminals are connected to the network, they share the learned knowledge instantly. Our DNN model is dynamic and flexible. No need to re-compile or re-train it. Got a new article to sell? Just show it to one terminal, the captured sample will be broadcast and your whole network is ready to serve it!
Connected It is connected to the cloud but can work offline as well. Eventual syncs happen via a secure TLS connection.
Point-of-Sale 2.0 Besides the brilliant AI it can also handle credit cards, print receipts, apply taxes, everything your old POS could do.

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Autocanteen uses a high-precision 3D camera to capture the image and shapes at once, our high-end AI identifies the content using the previously learned samples. Usually, it needs just a few samples to understand the context and distinct the item. All the samples are stored in our cloud and are fully managed by our clients.

Our AI recognition system is based on the samples collected by the client. This means it will only recognize the items you have shown to it before. But don't worry, it takes very little effort, probably the same as showing a new hire your inventory. All the terminals continuously share the knowledge among them, so anything learnt once is known by all of your terminals.

Sure! Please, contact us to arrange a personal live demo. Our current offer allows a free evaluation period for new clients.

Yes! We work with acquirer agnostic payment processors which means we'll be able to work with your acquiring bank too.

Of course! You can export all your data in Autocanteen Cloud to CSV, Excel or PDF. We also offer custom data integration with external parties.

There are no limits for data storage. The numbers are unlimited.

Software service as well as hardware components are covered by lifetime support.

Yes, we can integrate with corporate employees directory and recognise RFID cards.

Partners & Accreditations

Autocanteen Ltd | Registered in England and Wales. Reg. No. 12600248 | VAT ID: GB 348575264
Autocanteen Ltd
Registered in England and Wales
Reg. No. 12600248
VAT ID: GB 348575264